“In 1961 I joined the fencing club together with a teaching colleague, we were awaiting a teaching post with the armed forces. She in Singapore, me in Cyprus.

I think we both were in awe of Leon Bertrand, but his lessons were so precise and inspiring. He gave us beginners as much attention as he gave to the truly competent!!

We were only members for a year, but the club was very sociable and we usually ended up in the Crook Log pub!! (Does that still happen?)

From time to time Len would invite us all to his house in Brampton Road. After the year my colleague went off to Singapore but I never did get to Cyprus I met my husband at the fencing club and we were married the following year and enjoyed 34 years together, sadly he died in 1997. So I have a lot to thank the Bexley fencing club for”         Val Allen.


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