Covid-19 Club Guidance


To keep the fencing club in operation for as many fencers as possible whilst social distancing measures are enforced, we now have a simple pay as you go structure open to fencers from any club. You now simply book the session you would like to attend in advance of your arrival.

Attending any and every session will be at a cost of £8.00 per meeting.


 Book online

Bexley Fencing Club additionally needs to be mindful of the number of fencers that can turn up at any venue on any one occasion and to mange this we now have a booking process that requires booking online and also includes:

  1. Filling in a Questionnaire before attending each session, the aim of which is;
    • Providing Contact details for the NHS Track and Trace protocol, which will be retained for no more than 30 days.
    • Providing confirmation you are fit to fence
    • Ensuring you are aware of the implications of Covid-19 and the resulting practices we have highlighted for consideration.
  2. Paying for each session before you attend.

You must be a member of the British Fencing Association to attend.  If you are a beginner we will need to confirm you are able to fence before you can book to attend each element of the Beginners course.

Session considerations

Social distancing will be in place at all times within the venues. When fencing we will look to group up to 6 fencers into a pod for fencing, there will be no exchange of fencers between each pod. Upon arrival, please look to sanitise your hands before commencing the session and upon departure repeat this practice.

Fencing kit is not to be shared between fencers. There will be a limited amount of club kit available for use, but this cannot be guaranteed due to the disinfecting requirements after each use.

During each session, the following rules will be in place:

  • You must not move to another pod

  • Sparring between two individuals in a group will be limited to the shortest of 1 x 15 hits or 10 minutes

  • No fleching

  • No shouting or shaking hands

  • Avoid close quarter fencing as much as possible

No fencing kit can be left at the venue except by arrangement with Bexley Fencing Club officials.  There will be no lost property in operation, any kit left will be disposed of promptly.

You must dispose of all of your rubbish (plastic bottles, food remnants/wrappers etc) within the venue bins or rubbish sacks if provided by Bexley Fencing Club before you leave the session.

Process simplified

  1. Book before attending.
  2. Pay before attending.
  3. Sanitise when you arrive
  4. Keep social distancing in mind
  5. Following session guidelines
  6. Dispose of your rubbish
  7. Sanitise when you leave
  8. Stay Safe

Bexley Fencing Club’s Covid Officer is Karen Griffiths