The Club History and our Scrapbooks

Much has happened since Bexley Fencing Club was formed in 1950 and some of it can be found here.

We hope that the anecdotes, articles and information contained within will give some insight into The Bexley Fencing Club but we also hope that it may jog the odd memory or two and enable us to find out more.

As with many historical artefacts, it is what is not told that may be important and that is what we are trying to find out.

We are always looking for information about the club, so if you know anything about The Bexley Fencing Club, anything about any of the pictures or articles, anything about any of the people in the pictures or articles (or are one of those people) then please get in touch with us. As we glean and discover, we will add additional pictures, notes and anything else we can find.

The Bexley Fencing Club came about with the opening of the Bexley Adult Education Centre at 5 Brampton Road in Bexleyheath in 1950. It was the Kent Education Committee that established the centre but it was the membership that grew and sustained it.

The centre was opened in September of 1950 by General Sir Ronald Adam and the Warden was Edward Alderton. The Rt Hon Edward Heath MP and Councillor Vergette, the Mayor of Bexley were also at the opening ceremony.

The building itself had been a fire station previously and the corrugated-roof sheds at the rear of the main house that had housed the fire engines would also be called into use as the centre expanded during those early years.

The Edward Alderton Theatre is named after the centre’s first warden.