News Paper Clippings

The pictures below, mostly newspaper cuttings, were collected over many years by various people. Some of the articles are well known while others we know very little about.

During the first ten years of its existence the fencing team won the Kent county championship eight times and in the early part of that first ten years Professor Léon Bertrand became the fencing master for the club.
By 1958 classes were being run by the Professor twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) and equipment was being provided for those wishing to try the sport.
Léon Bertrand: Before the war he had coached the Oxford University Fencing Club along with Felix Graves as well as instructing at Salle Bertrand. Felix was president of the British Academy of Fencing Masters (the pre-war version of the British Academy of Fencing.) Bertrand had already written ‘Cut and Thrust’ and ‘The Fencers Companion’ and was the first President of the British Academy of Fencing which had come about from an idea by Charles de Beaumont and it was implemented by Professor Roger Crosnier, Professor Leon Paul and Mr. J.D. Aylward. ‘Punch’ Bertrand (as he was also known) came to Bexley at around the same time that Salle Bertrand merged with the London Fencing Club, 1953. He finally retired in 1977
1968 saw the cartoonist Syd Jordan visiting Bexley Fencing Club. Edward Alderton is mentioned as the president of Kent Fencing as well as the principal of the centre. Robin Davenport (Kent champion) and Alma Barton (also Kent champion) show that the club was a force to be reckoned with in competition. Many of the newspaper cuttings show that Stan Allen and Robin often competed together and that Carol Tungate also competed regularly. Robin still competes and won the Gold medal at the recent (2008) veteran games in Australia.
Bexley Adult Education Centre Accounts 1954 These accounts show what was going on at Brampton Road. The princely sum of £4.10.0 (£4.50) was spent on fencing! Mind you, the fees were 2/6 (12p)!
Bexley Adult Education Centre Programme 1958 This programme from 1958 shows Professor Leon Bertrand running classes twice a week at the forerunner of the Crook Log Leisure Centre.
Kentish Times 1966 Article about Len winning an award for fencing at the International Sports Festival at Crystal Palace.
The first time that Len Camin is mentioned is him winning an award for fencing at the 1966 International Sports Festival at Crystal Palace. Even at this time Len was not content with one fencing club in the area and wanted to expand the sport to other areas in the south-east.
Unknown 1970? Article written by Len regarding his time as a fencing coach in Israel. We would like to know where this is from.
Bexley Comet 1985 The Kent County Team Foil Championships, was it actually organised by The Bexley Fencing Club? We cannot be sure, does anyone know?
The Leader April 1985 The Kent County Team Foil Championships, where are the people in this picture now? Does anyone know Sidney or any of the other fencers?
Kentish Times April 1985 The Kent County Team Foil Championships and Bexley Fencing Club fencers. Lots of names to conjure with, are you out there? What do you remember?
The Leader May 1985 This article has the Bexley Fencing Club formed forty years ago, that would be 1945? Journalistic license? Can anyone shed any light?
Unknown 1985? Mike Mynn and Len Camin. A newspaper article we assume, but which one?
News Shopper September 1985 Article about a refurbishment of the Crook Log centre. Gary and Anthony (pictured) would be 34 and 37 now, why not get in touch and let us know what you are doing?
Telecom September 1985 Article about Len Camin and the run-up to the World Masters Games in Toronto.
1985 saw Bexley Fencing Club put on it's first major competition, The Kent County Team Foil Championships. The event took place at the Crook Log Sports Centre, a stone's throw from where the club began 25 years previously. We haven't been able to find out who won the event.
Unknown? 1988 Visit of Linda Martin and Pierre Harper to Crook Log. It was arranged by Len. There was a demonstration and an audience, does anyone remember the event, Anthony Gager and his brother Peter were there, were you there also? Let us know please. Pierre and Linda are still involved in fencing and are coaching in London at the moment as well as being involved with local schools and various youth programs.
Unknown? 1988 We are fairly sure that this is a photocopy of a photograph now long gone. We can recognise Len on the right as we look at the picture but who are the others and where are they? The young man on our left, we have been informed, is Mark Ellis. Mark, would you like to let us know if you still fence?
Kentish Times August 1989 American Fencing Coach Bill Woods at Bexley. "The Club… has potentially the best under-20 squad in the County…"
Kentish Times September 1990 Open Day at Crook Log Leisure Centre, does David or Jacqui remember this day, does anyone know them?
News Shopper February 1991 The BFC were hosting the Kent Epee Championship this year. No real surprise that Ralph Johnson was there, he is still fencing.
The Kentish Times, March 2003 An article about the club with mention of the James Bond film 'Die another day' where Madonna appears along with JB and the baddie in fencing kit - You've all seen what happens.
The Bexleyheath Chronicle, September 2006 A Special Article following on from the success of the Danson Festival of 2006.
The Bexley Extra, June 2007 'Club Watch Extra' a special article written as a lead up to the Danson Festival of 2007 and the inaugral Duel in The Park.